Shop for curtains and drapes in our collection of window-enhancing drapery panels. You’ll love the fresh new drapery looks made with quality materials and construction.

Our Collections: Whipstitch CollectionSemi-Custom Drapes CollectionTonal Drapes CollectionMomentum Drapes CollectionDamask Drapes Collection

Whipstitch Drapes Collection

This exclusive collection features an organic cotton whipstitch bordering around the panel, creating a soft relaxed feel. Each pleat is individually crafted and hand-stitched for a unique, one-of-a-kind look. Featuring on-trend neutral color fabrics and threads, this collection is perfect for creating a relaxed environment with low maintenance panels.

Prices From $244


  • Whipstitch Bordering Panels
  • 100% Organic Cotton Thread
  • Hand-Stitched Pleats

Tonal Drapes Collection

Tonal is a stunning collection of fabrics, comprising dramatic and painterly designs. Its prints, which feature flowers and landscapes, are stunning in their liberated interpretation of the beauty and intensity of color found in nature. The layering of rich, contrasting tones develops warmth and energy against the cooler backdrop of natural cloth. Including embroideries, jacquards, weaves and prints, Tonal’s refreshing fabrics, with their emphasis on color, will add ebullience and character to any interior scheme.

Prices From $397

Choose from:

  • 5 distinct styles
  • 16 exclusive materials
  • Variety of linings available

Momentum Drapes Collection

The striking collection represents a delicious marriage of classic with contemporary, matte with shine, texture with technology. Its architectural-inspired weaves have been designed to encourage confident mixing of contrasting textural effects.

Prices From $463

Choose from:

  • 5 distinct styles
  • 6 exclusive materials
  • Variety of linings available

Damask Drapes Collection

View our Damask Collection featuring a sophisticated collection of damask designs, for classic and contemporary interiors.

Prices From $391


  • 5 distinct styles
  • 2 exclusive damask patterns
  • Variety of linings available